The Concept of a Comprehensive Approach to Knowledge Management in the Organization

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Irena Figurska
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During its entire history, the world has never changed as quickly as it is today. Customers' expectations, as well as widely understood conditions of doing business, are changing continuously. In consequence, the problems which the organizations must face, as well as resources, methods, and tools, which can help solve them, are undergoing constant changes. Solving these problems requires appropriate knowledge and wise management of this strategic resource.

Knowledge management (KM) is a concept of the future, which is worth devoting the time and scientific effort. However, while providing a thorough analysis of the literature on knowledge management it was discovered that the majority of publications do not discuss this concept in a comprehensive manner, but focus on specific aspects or issues related to knowledge management. What is more, the author's scientific investigations conducted so far led to the conclusion, that managers know and apply some of the knowledge management tools and initiatives in their organizations, but their decisions and actions related to KM are rather intuitive than based on knowledge of knowledge management. It was therefore considered that there is a need to develop and present a comprehensive approach to knowledge management, which gives an answer not only to the question what? but also to questions: why? and: how? one should act in order to achieve success in knowledge management.

This monograph contains a broad and insightful overview of issues related to knowledge management in the organization, thus constituting a very good compendium of information about such an important area of modern management of the organization. In an accessible, substantial and at the same time an exhaustive manner, the author presents, inter alia:
- systematized knowledge related to the concept of knowledge management in the organizations,
- original model presenting a comprehensive approach to knowledge management in the organizations,
- authorial model of knowledge management system, which enables the implementation and realization of KM in the organizations,
- practical solutions (procedures) facilitating knowledge management in the organizations.

This monograph should become a source of inspiration and ideas for further research as well as be a source of knowledge for students of economics faculties. With regard to implementation, it should interest entrepreneurs and managers who want to increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of their organizations.

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