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Dynamics of Team Engagement: DISC D3 as the key to effective recruitment, relationship-building and competence development

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Compendium of knowledge on engagement

Team's engagement does not just appear out of nowhere. It does not just appear out of thin air, nor does it disappear without any reason. It is the result of our working in the DISC D3 spirit - that requires everyone in the team to make an effort, with the leader in particular. Significant engagement, taking personal responsibility for individual and team goals, avoiding sick leaves or changing jobs suddenly is the effect of skillful use of our knowledge about the differences in personalities: at the recruitment stage, to make sure that we hire the right person; during onboarding, so that the new employee feels "at home" as soon as possible, and everyday work with a team and in the team, so that everyone has the best interest of our common workplace in their hearts.
The book will help understand the significance of personality differences and in what areas of the organization it simply does not pay to disregard this aspect of working with people. Together, we will take a closer look at what is means to: work in the DISC D3 spirit and when to use this model of behaviors and tool so that it supports the underlying objective - which is to work in an environment where we do not need to fight for engagement, but where we support the factors which influence high engagement of each team member, regardless of their role.
This book is a compendium of knowledge on engagement - what it is, why, despite being in the same workplace, some people are more engaged than others, what causes sudden drops or peaks in engagement and what you can do to build a team and organization with people who will want to join you towards a common direction. When talking about engagement and DISC D3, we will focus on sharing good practices (while simultaneously pointing out mistakes that organizations make when using competencies surveys). Of course, we won't be pointing out mistakes, but showing how to correctly use DISC D3 so that it serves its purpose.
organizational values * recruitment * onboarding * leadership * improving the quality of cooperation * competencies development

Currently, knowledge about the differences in employees' personality becomes a necessity for managers, not an addition to substantive training or a kind of curiosity. Because the reality around us changes very quickly, so we should just as quickly follow this change - in the context of leading teams. Our old ways of responding to employee behavior, our old ways of interpreting inefficiencies and engagements are no longer working.
Magdalena Wachnicka, Head of Personnel and Administrative Affairs, VINCI Facilities Polska
When I put DISC's behavior pattern on people I knew, it was like a bomb went off. I thought, wow, that's something. I like to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, so in the next step I began to translate this model of behavior into business. It turned out that the coherence is so great that I am able to predict how a person will behave in teamwork, what will drive them to action or what can motivate them, what style of communication they prefer, how they will behave in stressful situations, etc.
Robert Wójcik, Unit Managing Director in Bawaria Motors (BMW dealer)
HR consultant, business coach, Master Certified Behavioral Consultant. She applies DISC D3 in business across the European market, strategic support in implementing this model for individual HR areas, supporting everyday work of teams and increasing the efficiency of processes, work methods after taking into account elements of their personalities and the impact it has on working as a team. The author of books: Everest lidera and Siła różnic w zespole. Runs her company EFFECTIVENESS remotely, living in Ohio, USA.

Dr. Bradley Smith is a valued expert specializing in development of behavioral competence diagnosis tools; President of PeopleKeys(R) company and Director for development in The Institute for Motivational Living(R) (USA) - which for many years has been successfully delivering effective online tools across the global market, including tests based on the DISC and DISC D3 model used in recruitment, employee development and team performance improvement. He holds two patents in the field of engineering and four in the field of technologies used to diagnose behavior and matching the right employees to the right workplaces. His PhD is focused on development of organizations.

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