Green Urban Regeneration Projects

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The terms "eco" or "green" have become vastly used worldwide. Both of them are often treated as buzzwords. However, they are significant buzzwords. The ecological orientation is perceived as the overriding goal of advanced economies to alleviate negative climate changes, but not only. Each city is changing, even if climate changes do not have a direct impact on this yet. By changing the city strives to provide a higher standard of living for residents, what today means "green" standard.

We point out that it is especially important for deprived areas and their societies because when we have ideas and sources to implement them and finally regenerate these areas we should do this on the high level fulfilling all modern standards. We accept a paradigm that no investment action has sense if it does not face global and local challenges. Our general idea is that there is no investment inside a city space, including deprived areas, which is not green.

In this book dedicated generally for students, but not only, we try to explain that every city and every society are responsible for doing to be green or eco. Our intention was to provide some green ideas and solutions coupled with management solutions and financing opportunities.

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Prof. Marek Bryx, Jacek Lipiec, Izabela Rudzka

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