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Russell Anderson-Williams is one of Prezi's very own official independent experts, and the founder of the Prezi design and training agency (https://www.theprezenter.com). He is dedicated to educating Prezi users on best practices, sharing advice and tips on design, and more than anything, changing the mindset of Prezi users to that of nonlinear thinkers. A wildly creative and visual thinker, Russell has a strong background in visual communication and graphic design, as well as a long career in training and presenting. Russell has designed and delivered hundreds of presentations for some of the world's biggest companies in a variety of sectors. By merging his love and passion for educating people with his joy for all things wonderfully visual, he has designed a course to turn anyone in the business world into a Prezi master through his on-site training programs, and he tirelessly blogs about everything Prezi-related. He resides in the extremely creative city of Bristol in the United Kingdom, where he manages a small team of Prezi-focused designers and trainers.
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