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J.J. Sylvia IV is a PhD student of the communication, rhetoric, and digital media program at North Carolina State University. He also has an MA in philosophy from The University of Southern Mississippi and BA degrees in philosophy and communication from Mississippi State University. His experience spans the fields of business, education, and nonprofits, which has given him the opportunity to develop a unique perspective on the way people use and engage with technology. His primary research interests revolve around the ways technology affects our understanding and interactions with the world around us. Before graduate school, he managed paid advertising and marketing strategies for an e-commerce site and developed a social media outreach initiative for a nonprofit organization. Recently, he managed the AmeriCorps interns who worked to integrate technology into the classroom, and built a community around an educational outreach blog, www.PhilosophyMatters.org. He can also be found at www.jjsylvia.com. John has reviewed Prezi Hotshot and Prezi Essentials. He has published chapters in the books Radiohead and Philosophy, Doctor Who and Philosophy, and Supervillains and Philosophy, all published by Open Court, and also in Ethical Issues in E-Business, published by Business Science Reference.
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