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Miloš Vučetić is a software engineer at software development company PSTech in Belgrade, Serbia. Miloš connected with the Adobe Connect application for the first time as a quality automation engineer, where his passion for in-depth code testing introduced him to the magnificent features of this great application. He continued his work on the application on the creative side by developing various components for Connect, along with a large bundle of third-party tools that integrate perfectly with Adobe Connect due to his never-ending quest for perfection and quality. His artistic soul continues to expand horizons, as he uses Flex and Java to continue his great works of programming and further enhance users' visual and functional experience with Connect. In his everyday enterprise adventures, he uses multiple technologies and platforms to improve every aspect of his development skills. He graduated from the University of Belgrade, with a B.A. in Information Systems and Technologies. He lives with his girlfriend, Zorica, in Belgrade, who occasionally lets him play cards with his friends.
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