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Chandra Mohan Dhanasekaran, aka Chandru D is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect at Philips focused on designing world class resilient and cost-efficient solutions for the customers in the public cloud. His previous experience includes stints in banking giants like JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Danske Bank, largest bank in Denmark and popular in Nordic countries. He has close to 15 years of professional IT experience in different domains and various technology stacks ranging from mainframe, front-end and distributed and container technologies. He always has his profound love for mainframe systems and is fascinated by the advantages of using IaC tools and cloud services. You can find him almost in all the AWS events and meetups around Bengaluru and he loves to connect with people.
He always looks to explore new open-source technologies blossoming and is a fan of serverless technologies and Kubernetes.
Outside of work, he loves cooking for the kids during weekends and enjoys jogging whenever he finds time. A die-hard Manchester United fan and watching “Rafa” (Rafael Nadal) around the tennis court is something he can't afford to miss!
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