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Allan MacGregor is a Magento Certified Developer Plus with 4 years of Magento experience. He also has a certification in Linux System Administration from IBM. He started working with Magento as a freelancer, looking for a better framework to build e-commerce solutions with, and he is now the Magento lead developer at Demac Media (https://www.demacmedia.com). At Demac Media, he has participated in building core solutions for a wide range of clients; this has given him the experience and knowledge to solve many Magento challenges. As part of an internal project at Demac Media, he worked on Triplecheck.io (https://www.triplecheck.io), a unique service to monitor and audit the code health of a Magento store. He's very passionate about software development in general. He is constantly working with new technologies and frameworks. You can also follow him on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/allanmacgregor.
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