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Publishing activity worthy of a daily newspaper

Within 18 years of its existence, Helion has published over 2900 titles, and therefore is one of the most active publishers in Poland! Only last year Helion published more than 700 new titles!

Marketing is more than advertising, it is a strategy

  • Individual brand marketing -- – for each of the segments Helion SA Publishing Group has independent marketing approach, always adjusted to the readers’ behaviors and expectations, and always complying with the brand’s Corporate Identity. The marketing know-how is constantly modified with the latest techniques, usually pioneering on the Polish market.
  • Promotion at points of sale -- 60% of purchase decisions on the Polish book market are made at points of sale. Therefore, POS promotion and good merchandising are key factors for publishing success.
    Every year Helion supplies over 90 000 advertising and display materials in several dozen creations. The publisher prepares display stands, posters, carton stock displays, carton dummy books, light boxes, book stands, book catalogues, promotional gifts etc. which are supplied to most of the points of sale of books in Poland.
  • Public Realtions -- In the year 2007 alone the Polish media described Helion’s publications over 700 times, and our authors regularly appear on TV and radio programs. The biggest and the most prestigious media in Poland are the patrons of our books, which indicates how valuable our books are in the eyes of opinion leaders.
  • Advertising – Helion advertises proactively in the Polish media—in the press, in radio and on TV, as well as on the Internet. Over 80 special promotional actions are carried out annually, accompanied by around 8 million promotional offers sent.
  • Market research – every marketing strategy is based on customer and readership research. It lays the foundations for the individual selection of the marketing-mix.

Sales department – serves as a model of distribution on the Polish market

The sales department of Helion SA is considered to be a model example of book distribution on the Polish market. The distribution excludes wholesalers and is based on direct cooperation with the retail chains. The sales department consists of a dozen or so sales representatives, effective logistics division and one of the biggest Internet bookstores in Poland.

  • Number of points of sale reached -- Sales representatives reach over 1000 points of sale with the book offer, including all major Polish bookstores, bookshop chains and most of hypermarket chains in their own distribution network.
  • Internet bookstores -- under Helion SA Publishing Group we have as many as six profitable Internet bookstores - profiled according to a given brand. Intensive cross marketing is executed between them. Thanks to this online sales account for over 20% of Helion's annual turnover. It is the best result in Poland!

Our readers are mostly educated people, professionally active and constantly improving their qualifications, mainly specialists or managers. They are usually well off, active consumers, often travelling and purchasing luxurious goods. But most of all they are people with passion, ambitious, energetic and curious… And our books perfectly meet all their needs and interests! They fulfil expectations of high quality and substantial value!