The European Union as ASEAN'S Economic Partner

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Due to the increasingly significant contribution of Asian economies to the structure of the world economy, this bachelor’s thesis addresses the issue of economic cooperation in one of the regions of Asia, i.e. the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with the European Integration Group, the European Union.

Today, Asian countries are undoubtedly important players in the global market. Many experts believe that they are indeed the link that drives global growth. However, usually the most attention is paid to such tycoons as China or Japan, thus forgetting about the rest of Asia. The Southeast Asian region, integrated in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), is also of great importance. Although it is an ever-evolving group, its importance in the global economy is growing. Therefore, ASEAN, its history, development and present inspired a deeper analysis of this group as an economic partner.

The purpose of this work is to present the importance for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations of cooperation with the European Union and to analyse their social, political and, above all, economic relations.

The work consists of three chapters. The first contains the general characteristics of the Association and, above all, shows the path that Asian countries have overcome to start mutual cooperation. The genesis, the first years of operation, as well as the organizational framework present us with the image of ASEAN. The economic situation of the various Member States of the groupings was also presented, as well as the socio-economic differences between them.

Chapter two discusses trade within the Association itself, as well as its eco-nomic cooperation with other Asia-Pacific countries. The process of building the ASEAN – AFTA free trade area, as well as its effects, was presented. Issues related to the concept of new Asian regionalism were then discussed. The issue of the development of bilateral trade agreements, increasingly and willingly concluded by the Association, has been raised, and plurilater agreements with the countries of the region have been characterised.

The third, most important chapter from the point of view of the subject and purpose of work, concerns the mutual cooperation between ASEAN countries and the European Union. The first way is the process of building mutual relations. The formal and legal conditions for cooperation resulting from the agreements and initiatives signed are discussed. The two groups’ trade was further characterised: its size, dynamics and industry structure. Information on foreign direct investment invested in ASEAN by EU Member States and plans for future cooperation were also included.

Polish and English-language compact publications, legal documents and data published in statistical years of both ASEAN and the European Union and internet sources were used in the work.

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Jolanta Maroń, Dominika Zębala

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