Like Elon Musk - an (In)Complete Guide. Business lessons from the greatest entrepreneur of all time

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From a child being bullied in school to: a regular on newspaper covers, a Silicon-Valley legend, the most disruptive guy in recent decades, a billionaire who builds rockets and says, contrary to everyone else, that in SpaceX they will make reusable rockets. A visionary who wants to merge the human brain with a machine, a man who buys a car from an old James Bond movie and hopes to convert it into a submarine…Is this even real, or is this all a simulation? Elon has speculated we may be living in a simulation - if I was him I would also think this way.

I also think that his strategies for how he has achieved that much should be widely described. That was the aim of this book.

Why not learn from the best?


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Michal Adam Dominiczak

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