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Business Class Books

A company success and satisfaction derived from its building are nothing unfamiliar to us. We realize the importance of innovation combined with experience. Reputable authors, businessmen and business trainers have prepared a wide range of books which will successfully guide you to business self-improvement. You can benefit from their knowledge and experience. A good business book is an investment of the highest rate of return.

Onepress is part of Helion S.A., one of the biggest specialist publishing houses in Poland. For more than 10 years we have published over 1500 books on the subject of information science the experience of which we have well put to use editing business handbooks. Our position on the Polish market, many years' cooperation with international publishing leaders as well as constant monitoring of your needs allowed us to create publications not only of substantial and editorial excellence, but even more important, describing situations which you may experience in real life.

Onepress offers books for managers and executives, but also for employees who do not make strategic decisions on a daily basis. It caters for all career-minded people who want to systematically develop their professional skills and whose ambition is to have a successful business.

We are constantly learning and listening attentively to our readers. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions, suggestions and comments. We are waiting for your letters. Our e-mail: onepress@onepress.pl.