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What we publish, or the brands of Helion SA Publishing Group

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Helion (IT literature) -- over 2900 titles on the latest technological advancements, for computer users regardless of their advancement level. The books are purchased by both IT professionals and by people who perceive information and digital technologies as a necessary element of their work, study or entertainment. In the IT books segment, Helion has been an indisputable leader since the inception of the company. Over 85% of IT books sold in Poland every year are published by Helion SA Publishing Group.

Onepress (business books) -- within three years since launching the brand on the market, Onepress has become a leader in the segment of business self-help books and economic literature. 700 titles published, targeted at managers and company owners, are often ranked on bestsellers lists in Polish bookstores and retail chains. Books of such authors as Kevin Hogan, Philip Kotler or Joe Vitale, as well as the best titles of Harvard Business Press are published in Poland under the Onepress brand.

Bezdroża (travel guidebooks) -- the brand has existed on the market for seven years; they are passionately created travel books, guiding through the most interesting parts of Poland and different foreign countries. The guidebooks published by Bezdroża have often been awarded, for instance three times receiving Złoty Laur Konsumenta (Golden Laurels of Reader), and thus confirming their high quality and readers’ satisfaction. The Bezdroża publishing house is also the only Polish publisher of world famous Michelin guidebooks.

Michelin (guidebooks and maps) -- Polish edition of the world famous guidebooks and maps whose annual sales volume reaches 20 million copies in over 90 countries! What is the most distinguishable feature of Michelin, as compared to other travel books, is a reliable and almost legendary system of stars, awarded by Michelin inspectors to tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. The system makes travel efficient and effective for millions of tourists all-over the world. Excellent maps, curiosities, photographs and graphics are also an interesting side of these publications.

Sensus (psychology books) -- these books cover such topics as the emotional sphere of life, personal development, self-awareness and the fascinating secrets of our psyche. Sensus is a positive brand, perceiving psychology in bright colors, targeted at people, who want to enrich the relations with others and understand interpersonal relations. The readers of Sensus are aware of the role of intelligence and interpersonal skills both in personal and in professional life. Many books on work psychology of and soft skills development have been published under this brand as well.

Septem (advice literature) -- a brand targeted at the mass market. It is carefully selected advice literature for everybody — beginning from people with an insatiable passion for knowledge to those looking for good advice and interesting entertainment. Septem touches upon a wide range of subjects related to health and wellness, personal development and interesting leisure activities. In 2007 two popular series („Everything” and „Family doctors”) were complemented by a world-famous, very accessible, and educating series „For dummies”!

Editio (belles-lettres) -- intelligent non-fiction and top-shelf fiction ensure excellent entertainment. Editio provides carefully selected literature to people who expect a book to be more than just a time killer. Among others, under the Editio brand two collections of interviews conducted by Grzegorz Miecugow, famous Polish journalist, as well as a collection of talks between Osvaldo Ferrari and Jorge Luis Borges.

"Dla bystrzaków" ("For Dummies") -- Polish edition of the most popular and most recognized advice book series „For Dummies” in the world. The series is an indispensable „tool kit” for any knowledge prospector. The books are written with a light touch and full of humor, and contain clear information prepared by experts in given areas as well.