Services in Europe diagnosis and development perspectives (ebook)(audiobook)(audiobook)

Okładka książki/ebooka Services in Europe  diagnosis and development perspectives

Okładka książki Services in Europe  diagnosis and development perspectives

Okładka książki Services in Europe  diagnosis and development perspectives

Okładka książki Services in Europe  diagnosis and development perspectives

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At present, services constitute over half of gross added value of the entire global economy. In economically well-developed countries such as France, Great Britain, Italy or Luxembourg, this share amounts to 82%-85% in each of these countries. It is similar in the USA. This share is smaller, however, in a dynamically developing Chinese economy, but still it amounts to 50%. In such countries as Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary it fluctuates between 60% and 70%. Services constitute, currently, of global export, but it is predicted that due to very fast development of financial, IT and telecommunication services, they will constitute, in the perspective of 10-20 years, half of the value of global economic turnover.
The objective of this monograph is the description of the state of service market in selected European countries, the diagnosis of determinants of service market, as well as defining the directions of service market in Europe in 2020 perspective.
Field and desk sources of information were used in the monograph. The resources of Polish and foreign subject literature, mass statistics and research reports from the years 2008-2013 were analyzed in terms of content. On the other hand, the year 2014 was considered, where it was only possible. The analysis of desk sources of information allowed to describe the state and functioning of service in European economies and diagnose the determinants of service functioning in Europe. The collected source material was subject to quantitative-qualitative analysis with the use of indicators, adequate to be used. The field research was conducted in 2014 via a technique of survey distributed (among the residents of Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary) as well as the method of the experts` opinions (among representatives of science and business practice). Non-randomized, deliberate sample was used in the research. In case of quantitative studies these were the customers of service facilities, in case of qualitative studies the experts whose knowledge and experience as well as skills allow to predict both in the short- and long-term time horizon.
The publication will certainly be very interesting for all people dealing with the issue of services on a daily basis. The managers of services enterprises, researchers as well as students will find these themes very useful.
Grzegorz Maciejewski, Beata Kolny, Barbara Mikołajczyk, Magdalena Jaciow, Robert Wolny


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