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Web computer science encyclopedia - www.helionica.pl

The aim of the service creators is to make the most extensive computer science compendium on the Polish Internet. It is an Open Source project, which means that the encyclopedia can be edited by all interested web users. At the beginning of its existence Helionica used some computer science sources from Polish Wikipedia. Now it is being developed by its own, using the knowledge of authors, translations of English Wikipedia made available on the GFDL licence and dictionaries of FOLDOC and Jargon File; it also exchanges some entries with the Polish Wikipedia. One of Helionica’s key elements is succesively developed, detailed time chart of key events related to computer science in the last several hundreds of years.

HTML course - webmaster′s guide - www.webmaster.helion.pl

The most popular HTML course on the Polish Internet. Its originator and author is Paweł Wimmer — the man who introduced thousands of Poles into the WWW and helps the others to get into the Web every day. The author created the course so as to make it as applicatory as possible. The guide was created for all those who do not study language specifications, and want to learn about website design rules fast and without unnecessary complications. The webmaster’s guide includes a practical description of HTML for beginning and intermediate webmasters. It is systematically updated.

Internet CAD service - www.cad.pl

The idea of this portal is to provide the demanding user of CAD applications with complete and systematized information about programs, hardware and publications. WWW.CAD.PL was created for people who in their work use a computer in support of their design. The visitors of the service pages are first and foremost constructors and designers searching for information about the latest solutions, which make work easy, perfect and more effective. WWW.CAD.PL is a handy and rich source of knowledge for a wide circle of visitors.

Educational service - edukacja.helion.pl

The service was created for computer science teachers. They will find a number of additional resources which will make their lessons more interesting, suprising for students and drawing pupils’ attention. edukacja.helion.pl is also a set of tools that will make preparing for IT lessons easier for the teacher. The authors of the site prepared IT curriculums, lesson plans, exercises and tests, reading rooms with the excerpts from more than 1800 computer science publications and a forum, where teachers can share their views and experiences. A new element of the service is a fully functional calendar, which will help each teacher to plan IT lessons in all classes during the whole school year. All they have to do is to enter appropriate parameters (number of teaching hours, days off, number of classes), and the system will automatically divide the schoolbook material into hours, prepare lesson plans, additional resources and exercise sets.

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